South Africa | 2021

"Siya Kolisi"

Among many South African, Siya Kolisi has been the heroe by taking his rainbow team to win the rugby world cup.

Starting from scratch, the captain of the springbok has raised his country to the very top.
World champions, his team has showed their resilience,
no matter what.
Newlands Stadium | last rugby game before demolition.

Siya Kolisi has been the able to keep alive mandela's dream creating a strong rainbow team.

at the children foundation in Paarl mbekwane

An american film production was here that day.

One of this kid will incarn Siya kolisi in an american production.

Out of the 54 portraits that I have realised this morning,
one will be the chosen one.

Captain of the springboks
KOLISI_ (96)
Training in Newlands

Siya Kolisi, captain of the springboks.

Cape Town, South africa.

"L'equipe magzine"

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