north Fairbanks | summer 2019

Shovel creek, 59 Miles point

"Born to Burn"

It works like the shape of a snail. State after state, the teams are coming to fight the fires.

It s their summer job. Each USA state is offering some help to try to control the global warming.
Here in North Alaska. Things are uncontrollable.

The black spur has consumed through their roots. Underground, a sleeping fire is alive.
The permafrost has melted and created swamps.
Natural methane is WAITING below the surface.
At anytime, the fire can restart.

Commandant Johnny Konchrist is in charge of all the operations.

each contingent has arrived on the Nenana train station.
A non-stop turn over of women & men, all ages to the rescue.

Nenana Train Station | Final destination for the Fire-Fighters
Born to Burn
Eustace | Ohio
Alan | Oregon
Stacey | Washington


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