South Africa | Road-Trip

A Desert Road-trip ending up into the Cederberg

The Cederberg is famous for its spectacular rock formations that were sculpted by wind and water over many millions of years. Almost the entire area consists of sedimentary rock, sandstone and shale. According to Barnard & Greeff (1993) the Cederberg was a prominent feature since before the breaking up of Gondwanaland 130 million years (Ma) ago.

"Mineral Cederberg"

Landcruiser 79' | BUSHLORE SA
"Jayden Happy Egg"

Photographed with a Linhof Super-Technika IV & Kodak Portra 160 NC

Fynbos landscape
A man and its guitar.

The first layer of the Karoo Supergroup was deposited over the Cape Supergroup, about 310 Ma ago when the icy conditions subsided.


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