Alaska | Denali National Park

"Into The Park"

A constant thick & lukewarm air.
The heat wave was carrying ashes and particules coming from the raging forest fires surrounding North Alaska.
I camped into the Denali National Park for several days with my cameras.

In the spring & summer of 2019, the temperature
was 10 degrees above the average.
Mystical Denali shrouded in smoke | 3.30 PM

For safety reasons, I was advised to jump in a camper bus to reach my camp at dusk.
At night, like into any other wilderness haven, the Wildlife can get touchy.


Dry seeds, Dry fruits, Beef jerky Local chocolate bar. Overall, mountain shoes. Backpack.

3/10 Denali National Park
Camper Bus in the Denali National Park
4/10 Denali National Park
5/10 Denali National Park
10/10 Denali National Park
2.00 AM | 17 C

A departure from Petropavlosk, Kamchatka in Russia.
I was on a boat all along the Aleutian Islands for weeks until I was dropped off in Juneau, Alaska.
Jumping off the vessel, waiting in a bar on the seaplane harbour.
A pilot called my name.
We ll be soon flying to Skagway, then a long drive to Anchorage before entering the Denali National Park.
I m driving through a heavy constant cloud of smoke,
the Northern Forest is on fire.
The camper bus doesn't go further than "Igloo Creek Campground"

We are in the beginning of May and the Midnight Sun is offering amazing landscapes, especially at night.

All these landscapes are photographed after 11pm.

7/10 Denali National Park
1.00 AM | 19 C
Denali_ (7)
Igloo Creek Campground | Alt. 2940 m
Ranger's AirStream at Savage River Campground
6/10 Denali National Park
"Park Road" Main gravel track into the preserve | 8.15 AM

A ranger loaned me a tent for my ultimate comfort.
A Bear box and compulsory safety advice given on a TV screen, inside of an airstream, at Savage River campground.
I was now ready to go explore.
Later along my journey into the park, I met with Daniel
Coming from Israel, he's on a quest :
serching for Christopher Mc Candless' bus.
He s been trying to cross the Teklanika river but was unsuccessful.
In the bottom of his backpack
a soaked book

All of his gear got wet after trouble in the river.
Teklanika river is coming from the Cantwell glacier.
The water is draining alluvial..
Once your clothes and backpack are absorbing this fine heavy sand, your weight is increased.
Added to the strong water stream. you ll more than likely drown.
Tomorrow after the rain,
Daniel will try again to cross the river.

Teklanika river

May 26th,

I received an email with a photo from Daniel.
Walking on the same path as Christopher Mc Candless,
Daniel must have been the very last one who made it to the very controversial  » Magical bus »
About two weeks later, mid-june 2020
the rusty green-and-white bus
was removed by helicopter.
An alaskan army troop ending the story for ever.
The end.
Daniel / Autoportrait


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