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Rwanda Lumineux

A New Dawn For Rwanda

Guhonda Alpha Male Silverback, instrument of physical and emotional security of the Sabyinyo silverback gorilla group.

Guhonda is the strongest and largest silverback at 0ver 300kgs and 2 meters tall known to beat his chest to command authority in his gorilla family.

Guhonda is the oldest mountain gorilla studied according to records from Rwanda Development Board.

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Sabyinyo volcano "Les Dents Du Vieil Homme"

Set out in search of magical encounters with the ten families of mountain gorilla that makes the Virunga Mountains their home. Explore this scenic landscape, where Dian Fossey carried out her ground-breaking gorilla research, traversing slopes covered with rainforest and bamboo. Home to no less than five volcanoes, you will delve deep into the park’s dense, misty forests, accompanied by an expert ranger. It typically takes between two and five hours to locate your allocated gorilla family and you will then have the opportunity to spend some time quietly observing these charismatic creatures.

A wildlife experience with the magnificent mountain gorilla is like no other. Savour every second as you watch them foraging, playing, teasing each other, eating or slumbering in an uncanny resemblance to ourselves. At times the trek to view them may be arduous, with steep rises covered in dense vegetation.

Inhabiting areas which are not easily reachable, gorillas reside where there is an abundance of food plants near the ground and think nothing of climbing incredibly lofty hills to get to them. Your formidable trek will be richly rewarded when you first set eyes on these extraordinary creatures. Try to spend as much time as possible in this phenomenal part of Rwanda, as it is a very special place.

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As the largest silverback Alpha Males weighing about 300kgs Guhonda is a true leader with a strong mentoring presence in the family.

Aimable, 68 ans
Bisoke Volcano | 3711m

Mount Bisoke (also Visoke) is an active volcano in the Virunga Mountains of the Albertine Rift, the western branch of the East African Rift. It straddles the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but the summit is located in Rwanda. It is located approximately 35 km northeast of the town of Goma and adjacent Lake Kivu.

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Digit was killed on Dec 31, 1977

When Digit was killed by poachers in 1977, Fossey’s grief was extreme. In his memory and to help raise funds for gorilla protection, she then founded the Digit Fund, which is today the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. In 1985, after Fossey was murdered, her grave was placed next to Digit’s in the forest.

Dian Fossey was murdered in her cabin at a remote camp in Rwanda in December 1985.

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